5 Unexpected Uses for Hookah

There is A Wide Array of Flavors Available

One reason that smoking hookah is better than cigarette smoking is simple: there are almost endless opportunities when taste enters consideration. Step in whatever tobacco store that sells hookah molasses and you’ll see it yourself: the classical tobacco with nicotine, molasses without nicotine, steam stones and gels. Simply choose whatever rocks your boat the most.

It Tastes Much Better

Another point about hookah vs cigarette is that hookah tastes better. Well, sure, there are many taste options within cigarettes too: cherry tobacco, vanilla or cognac-flavored cigarillos and so forth. But all of those leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth and on your lips.


You Can Possibly Do it Indoors

You know what is also great in this hookah vs cigarettes comparison? You can smoke your hookah indoors without being worried that your clothes, curtains and sofa smells bad afterwards. Sure, hookah leaves distinguishable thick air, but it can’t be compared with cigarette smoke.

However, if you decide to smoke your hookah indoors, always try to open a window or more. This will make your session end up far better by doing this and you will feel fresher.

It Can Last A Lot Longer

Smoking is a bit like sex: we all like if it lasts longer. And lasting longer is another reason that hookah is better than smoking. An average cigarette lasts for about 20 puffs, however, an average hookah session lasts for about 200 puffs. That means 10 times more pleasure and 10 times more fun!

However, we highly recommend doing hookah in a company. If you decide to perform all those 200 puffs all alone … well, you might get a headache.

Less Risk of Teeth Staining

While it may appear like hookah smoking doesn’t have any benefits, this is not the case. Dentistry IQ reports that hookah smoking is far better for your oral health. Because of the differences in the way hookah tobacco, or shisha, is manufactured, it does not stain the teeth like cigarette smoke does. This makes it a more sensible alternative to cigarettes for those who are going for a whiter smile.